Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FCCLA Member Recruitment

Hello fellow FCCLA members! It's time for school again! Exciting I know, but also a great time for FCCLA Chapter recruitment. Let's get excited for this new year, and have a good attitude for school starting. Also, let's get especially excited for the new FCCLA year and what we can do this year! With the new year comes new faces and kids. That means potential FCCLA members! Are you planning any recruitment parties or any chapter activities to try to recruit people?? There are many ways and ideas for getting the word spread about FCCLA! You just have to think. Get your chapter officers together to discuss some ideas. Share your ideas with your advisor. Make sure people know what FCCLA can offer you, how fun it is, and where to go to find out about the many opportunities out there for you. Let's get excited for another year of school and a new year of FCCLA! Make the magic happen this year. Be positive and excited for the opportunities this year, and use FCCLA to make your opportunities even better! By Kevin Andersen MN FCCLA State President Elect

Bringing on the “Red Jacket Swag”

What’s up FCCLA members? A whole summer season has already flown by and it’s been months since we all saw each other at state conference. I bet you’re somewhat curious as to what your new 2012-2013 State Officer team is up to. The State Officers met in Farmington in June to plan Dynamic leadership, bond as a team, and practice our speaking skills and workshops. Oh yeah…and we also planned our new state theme!!! I can promise you though, you will all love it! My favorite thing that happened with FCCLA this summer was traveling to Plano Texas, just outside of Dallas, for an anti-bullying conference called “Rachel’s Challenge.” Rachel Joy Scott was seventeen years old when she was the first to be shot at Columbine High School on April 20th, 1999. Her shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were victims of relentless bullying. “If someone would have complimented me or showed a little bit of kindness, this whole thing would have been avoidable,” said Dylan in a video they made prior to the shooting. “We need to…kick start a revolution. We need to get a chain reaction going here!” (Of violence and hate) ~ Eric Harris Rachel also believed in a chain reaction affect. Completely opposite of Dylan and Eric’s goals, Rachel said in a journal entry, “I have this theory that if one person goes out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” Rachel was that person. The kind, compassionate one. She was the first person to find a new kid at school and sit by them at lunch. She would help someone on the side of the road with a flat tire. She was considered to be an angel by all who had the pleasure to know her. Also present at the conference was four Holocaust survivors to share their story about the ultimate form of bullying. Chuck Norris and his wife were also there to talk about their new Kick Start Kids martial arts program. Rachel’s Challenge saves over 500 lives a year because their message prevents teen suicides as well as inspires students to start a Friends of Rachel chapter in their schools. Be looking forward to more of Rachel and her story because we will be hearing from them at November Summit and State Conference! National FCCLA Convention was awesome and I saw some of you at Dynamic Leadership. Next year’s National FCCLA Conference will be in Nashville Tennessee! Also, you can become a chapter, region, or state officer next year and join in on the fun! Also, don’t forget to keep the state executive council updated on all the wonderful things you’re doing for FCCLA this year. We love to know what’s happening and so do other chapters around the state. I encourage you all to write Horizon articles and send them to Kelly Leibold! Have a great FCCLA year everyone! ~ Olivia Wicklund MN FCCLA President

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spark Your Motivation and Ignite Our Determination for what comes next!

With all the planning that has been going on the state meeting is coming together! At state there will be lots of fun activates and of course STAR events. There will be amazing workshops, speakers, fitness fever activities, NOYS simulator and much more. Our keynote speaker for this year is Scott Greenberg; he is a motivational speaker that has inspired thousands of people with his workshops and presentations. He has spoken to numerous organizations and is one of the most popular motivational speakers for high school students. This year fitness fever will have a little bit of a twist and we will be able to see what you ill bring to the conference. Each region president has an activity and they will be requesting help to lead the activities so listen up you might be able to help out. If not don’t feel bad bring you sprit and join in on the exercise and fun! There is a new activity that we will be adding into our distracted driving summit which is a distracted driving simulator; which will put you at the test, to see how bad you dive when you text and drive and the harsh realities on the affect of distracted driving.
During January Executive Council the state officer, advisers, Wendy and Shelly were able to participate in Martin Luther King Day. We were able to attend programs and participate in a march. We started at St Paul-Central High School where the spoken word, skits and performances were presented to explain the importance of the day and the importance of providing service. Then the march took place to Concordia College where we were able to hear Senator Klobuchar and Senator Frankin speak; along with
Mayor Rybak, of Minneapolis and Mayor Coleman of St. Paul. They talked about bridging the education gap and continuing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality; and also giving back to our communities by providing service.
On February 28, 2012 FCCLA members are once again going to the capital to shadow legislators from around the state. We are all very excited because we are able to experience how parts of the legislation work and we can also are able to advocate about the importance of FACS Education and all the opportunities that FCCLA has to offer. We have sparked our motivation and ignited our determination we hope you have done the same and continue to work on FCCLA projects and look forward to the exciting events to come!

Rachel Eiler-MN FCCLA State VP of PR

Monday, January 9, 2012

WHAT'S Next?

Hey Everyone! I hope your Christmas Break was filled with Fun. It’s hard to believe that it is already January and midwinter meetings are right around the corner. I hope all you members are in the final stages of finishing your STAR Events! Time management is key when working with dead lines.

I would just like to remind you of a few important dates to remember.

Minnesota FCCLA Shadow Day will be held on February 28th.
Applications are due soon
Region STAR Event Competitions will be held in January and February. Check with your advisor for your region competition date.
Minnesota State Chapter Service Award Applications are due on February 1st.
All National FCCLA Program Award Applications are due March 1st.
Senior Recognition Nominations are due on February 15th.
State Conference will be held April 19th through April 21st.

The applications for the Chapter Service Award and Senior Recognition are available in the Advisor section on the state website. Good Luck competing in your STAR Events!

Kelsey Heppler- MN FCCLA State Officer-Rep to the Board

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Raising the Bar is exactly what FCCLA members did at the 2011 National Cluster meeting in Minneapolis! On Friday November 11th we held a Minnesota Summit at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. There members from around the state participated in various activities. They were able to listen to a speaker from the Tubman foundation about healthy dating relationships, region officers met with their team and had the opportunity to listen to Trooper Kevin Adrian about distracted driving, and they also heard Rick Anderson speak about Cyber Safety! We wrapped up the day before heading over to the opening session of National Cluster Meeting.
As leaders we put our survival skills to the test and joined in on the workshops, competitive events, guest speakers, and many more opportunities! This year’s meeting had multiple focuses on competitions, skill demonstration events, workshops and networking opportunities! The National Officers that led the Minneapolis Cluster Meeting were: Kaylen Larson, Hannah Wright, Kelcie Sturgeon, Jessica Pope, and Jessie Pratt! There were more than 1,000 kids in attendance from many different states! FACS Knowledge Bowl also took place at each Cluster meeting this fall.
During our opening session we had the opportunity to hear motivational speaker Gerald Jones. He brought us to the root of leadership and inspired us to make the most out of our responsibilities as an effective leader! On Saturday there were so many opportunities to attend sessions and workshops about the new STAR Events, service projects, youth networking etc.
One of my favorite parts of Cluster was the closing session and speaker! John Beede otherwise known as “The Climber Guy,” amazed us with his powerful success lesions and adventure stories. His energy, humor, and message brought us all to a new level of personal achievement! I along with many others were sad to see Cluster come to an end. It was an awesome weekend full of fun, leadership, and opportunities! I had a blast meeting new people and being a part of “The Ultimate Leadership Experience!” Minnesota was very fortunate to host one of this year’s Cluster meetings and it truly was a success, thank you to everyone that attended or helped in any way!
By: Amy Wolff- State Treasurer

NOYS Youth Summit

Sarah Edwards was reading a text message when her car crossed the centerline of a two-lane road and ran into the rear wheels of a loaded logging truck. She died instantly. Angelina Bandino was walking along a road when an 18-year-old driver struck and killed her because he was typing a text message. Caleb Sorohan was texting a friend as his car veered into the opposite lane and hit a truck head-on.
Four of the Minnesota State Officers traveled to our nation’s capitol for a “teens against distracted driving” youth summit called NOYS (National Organization for Youth Safety.) At this 3 day retreat we experienced a car simulator, listened to wonderful panelist speakers, and came together with other student teams and peer mentors (which included Kaylen Larson, our national president,) to find innovative ways to raise awareness of the “X the Text” campaign.
Most teenagers think they’re pretty good at texting while driving because some don’t even need to look at the keys while they type, but what about reading the responding text message from your friend? If dared to do so by a friend, would you drive down the highway with your eyes closed for a few seconds? Typing or receiving a text message takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds, and that’s all it takes. To demonstrate this, NOYS participants got to experience the dangers of this in a car simulator. You wear goggles with a screen on them that shows a road that you must drive on. You must also text a message to someone on your phone while staying in your lane, without going off the road, running red lights, hitting a pedestrian, etc. I was asked by the computer to drive into a gas station while I text. I made it to the gas station, but went off the roads several times. It is very realistic to a texting while driving scenario.
Panelist speakers came from all over the United States to share with us statistics, such as, texting while driving impairs your driving ability more than driving while intoxicated. A person driving drunk is still trying to focus on the road whereas if you are texting, you aren’t looking at all. We heard about new laws and/or campaigns to end texting and driving or knew ideas to raise awareness from our speakers, but most importantly, we heard the personal stories from some of them. Wil Craige’s story was featured in “The Last Text” YouTube video. He was declared dead on the scene three times, but pulled through and spoke at the summit. He has come a long way since his accident, and he is one of the sweetest guys anyone could ever meet. He went through tons of physical therapy, and grieved the loss of his friend who had been driving that night, as well as the loss of his ability to have a job, play a sport, or basically, do things on his own. He tells his story to help end car accidents where texting is involved.
During our time at the summit, the four Minnesota officers created a plan to raise awareness in our state. We hope everyone will get involved and be as excited about this campaign as we are. Coming up in November, we will have a patrol officer speak at the “Minnesota Day” during cluster. In March, those attending Legislative Shadow Day will be apart in helping raise awareness at the state capitol. We would like chapters to use their imaginations in February during FCCLA week and do something at your school to help spread the “X the Text” campaign. Everyone should also be looking forward to State Conference where there will be a whole day’s worth of workshops on distracted driving because ALL texting and driving car accidents are preventable.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Check out the Red Jacket swag.....

Red Jacket Swag on You Tube