Monday, August 16, 2010

CAMPOPLOLY- Leadership training


All of Minnesota’s finest youth leaders attended the CAMPOPOLY on July 28-29!. Leadership training took on the Monopoly themed Campopoly. The Region Officers, State Peer Ed. Team, and Chapter Leaders worked on the fall region conference plans, demonstrated roundtable workshops on their project area, and learned valuable leadership necessities from Leadership Expert and Motivational Speaker Rhett Laubach. The members all had a successful time with all of the different sessions and meetings. Congratulations to all of the Campoply attendees.
The Region Officers and their advisors had either a conference call or on site meeting with members of the state staff. These meetings were in order to put in place many of the plans for the Region Fall Conference, such as time and place, and the speaker. I hope that all members and chapters will attend their respective Region Fall Conference.

Blog submitted by Skylar –MN FCCLA State President-Elect