Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spark Your Motivation and Ignite Our Determination for what comes next!

With all the planning that has been going on the state meeting is coming together! At state there will be lots of fun activates and of course STAR events. There will be amazing workshops, speakers, fitness fever activities, NOYS simulator and much more. Our keynote speaker for this year is Scott Greenberg; he is a motivational speaker that has inspired thousands of people with his workshops and presentations. He has spoken to numerous organizations and is one of the most popular motivational speakers for high school students. This year fitness fever will have a little bit of a twist and we will be able to see what you ill bring to the conference. Each region president has an activity and they will be requesting help to lead the activities so listen up you might be able to help out. If not don’t feel bad bring you sprit and join in on the exercise and fun! There is a new activity that we will be adding into our distracted driving summit which is a distracted driving simulator; which will put you at the test, to see how bad you dive when you text and drive and the harsh realities on the affect of distracted driving.
During January Executive Council the state officer, advisers, Wendy and Shelly were able to participate in Martin Luther King Day. We were able to attend programs and participate in a march. We started at St Paul-Central High School where the spoken word, skits and performances were presented to explain the importance of the day and the importance of providing service. Then the march took place to Concordia College where we were able to hear Senator Klobuchar and Senator Frankin speak; along with
Mayor Rybak, of Minneapolis and Mayor Coleman of St. Paul. They talked about bridging the education gap and continuing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality; and also giving back to our communities by providing service.
On February 28, 2012 FCCLA members are once again going to the capital to shadow legislators from around the state. We are all very excited because we are able to experience how parts of the legislation work and we can also are able to advocate about the importance of FACS Education and all the opportunities that FCCLA has to offer. We have sparked our motivation and ignited our determination we hope you have done the same and continue to work on FCCLA projects and look forward to the exciting events to come!

Rachel Eiler-MN FCCLA State VP of PR