Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Raising the Bar is exactly what FCCLA members did at the 2011 National Cluster meeting in Minneapolis! On Friday November 11th we held a Minnesota Summit at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. There members from around the state participated in various activities. They were able to listen to a speaker from the Tubman foundation about healthy dating relationships, region officers met with their team and had the opportunity to listen to Trooper Kevin Adrian about distracted driving, and they also heard Rick Anderson speak about Cyber Safety! We wrapped up the day before heading over to the opening session of National Cluster Meeting.
As leaders we put our survival skills to the test and joined in on the workshops, competitive events, guest speakers, and many more opportunities! This year’s meeting had multiple focuses on competitions, skill demonstration events, workshops and networking opportunities! The National Officers that led the Minneapolis Cluster Meeting were: Kaylen Larson, Hannah Wright, Kelcie Sturgeon, Jessica Pope, and Jessie Pratt! There were more than 1,000 kids in attendance from many different states! FACS Knowledge Bowl also took place at each Cluster meeting this fall.
During our opening session we had the opportunity to hear motivational speaker Gerald Jones. He brought us to the root of leadership and inspired us to make the most out of our responsibilities as an effective leader! On Saturday there were so many opportunities to attend sessions and workshops about the new STAR Events, service projects, youth networking etc.
One of my favorite parts of Cluster was the closing session and speaker! John Beede otherwise known as “The Climber Guy,” amazed us with his powerful success lesions and adventure stories. His energy, humor, and message brought us all to a new level of personal achievement! I along with many others were sad to see Cluster come to an end. It was an awesome weekend full of fun, leadership, and opportunities! I had a blast meeting new people and being a part of “The Ultimate Leadership Experience!” Minnesota was very fortunate to host one of this year’s Cluster meetings and it truly was a success, thank you to everyone that attended or helped in any way!
By: Amy Wolff- State Treasurer

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