Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FCCLA Member Recruitment

Hello fellow FCCLA members! It's time for school again! Exciting I know, but also a great time for FCCLA Chapter recruitment. Let's get excited for this new year, and have a good attitude for school starting. Also, let's get especially excited for the new FCCLA year and what we can do this year! With the new year comes new faces and kids. That means potential FCCLA members! Are you planning any recruitment parties or any chapter activities to try to recruit people?? There are many ways and ideas for getting the word spread about FCCLA! You just have to think. Get your chapter officers together to discuss some ideas. Share your ideas with your advisor. Make sure people know what FCCLA can offer you, how fun it is, and where to go to find out about the many opportunities out there for you. Let's get excited for another year of school and a new year of FCCLA! Make the magic happen this year. Be positive and excited for the opportunities this year, and use FCCLA to make your opportunities even better! By Kevin Andersen MN FCCLA State President Elect

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